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What Personal Information, that, pro-market Collect?
How pro-market Use Personal Information?
How pro-market Use Cookies.
Updating or Correcting your Personal Information
Data Security.
Liability and Indemnity
Disputes and Jurisdiction

Your privacy is very important to pro-market and we understand how important
it is to you .The Privacy Policy apply to all information collected by
pro-market when you are on pro-market site and when you are utilizing the
services provided by pro-market.

What Personal Information, that, pro-market Collect?
1. Your personal details, name, address, age, employment, occupation,
nationality, email, telephone, internet access dialing code, access,
bank account, credit card, and charge are accepted by us as your private
information and data.

How pro-market Use Personal Information?

2.1 These details in 1 will only be transferred and used by us for the express purpose stated on the (website).

2.2 Any transfer of information and / or details to third
parties will require your prior consent by responding to a request
on this (website). This shall not apply where pro-market is required by
Court Order under criminal or civil proceedings to provide such
information and data to a court of Law for any reason.

2.3 We shall have the right to extract information and data which
does not release private and personal details which provides generic and
statistical analysis and shall have the right to provide such marketing
and promotional material to third parties without any further consent
from you. This shall include type of usage of site, number and type of
purchases, method of payment, age group, financial category, ethnic
origins and any other materials which does not reveal your specific

How pro-market Use Cookies.

  1. Information and data is constantly collected on this (website) by
    the use of “cookies” and other mechanisms which is then stored,
    analyzed and reproduced in different formats.

Updating or Correcting your Personal Information.

  1. Where you provide updated, altered, amended or varied information
    and data then pro-market will try but cannot undertake that it will be
    changed as requested. The previous details may however still be kept on
    file in the system either through error, historical records or

Data Security.

  1. We cannot ensure that a third party will not unlawfully access
    private details and we advise you to take all the precautions we suggest
    and do not permit others access to your codes.

Liability and Indemnity

  1. Neither indemnity nor acceptance of liability of any nature is
    provided to you and you accept the inherent risks of using this

Disputes and Jurisdiction.

  1. In the event that there is any legal proceeding then the jurisdiction shall be at the discretion of the pro-market.